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Friday, August 04, 2006
  The new season by: Khairi Shahrin (A friend of mine)
After the world cup, we're gonna rest for a while before our normal life resume with EPL. Just like any other preseason, summer is all bout transfers. Who's going where and at what price….What makes this summer a bit more interesting is because the availability of top players from the four Italian clubs. After the severe punishment on those clubs, other clubs especially English and Spanish clubs are looking to reinforce their squads with players like Buffon, Nesta, Trezeguet.

Arsenal gonna play in their new stadium, Chelsea has added a couple of world class players, Manchester still searching in the dark, Liverpool longing for their first Premiership , and Spurs climbing the ladder slow n steady….

Now let's take a look at the top teams although there's only a handful of major signings so far. More updates coming later in August.

Two championships for the past two seasons, Maurinho is the real star. His detailed preparation for each game and his tenacity, his high level of confidence, outspoken, and calculated risks has put him among the top managers in the game although the world has known him only for the past four seasons.

My say: Would have difficulties in maintaining a good environment within the team. Gallas issue has became more complex with his shirt number of 13 being given to Ballack. A good manager but fucking arrogant!Find it hard to beat Benitez tactics when it really matters. Champions League, FA cup anyone?

The inclusion of Shevchenko and Ballack will add strength to the already impressive squad he has. Not only these two are world class players, now he has two attackin players to score more goals plus free kick and penalty takers (Lampard had a bad world cup). They still haven’t filled the left back position unless Maurinho wants to use Gallas for the whole season. Selling Duff has no effect to the Blues at all. And based on their performance for the last two seasons, they still gonna be the top two finishers. Anything less is a disaster.

My say: Duff might haunted them when both team meet each other. Injury free, Duff would be a dangerous player. A loss in term of financial perspective.

The only problem is Maurinho might play 4-4-2 to accommodate the strike force he has and the star studded midfields. The 4-3-3 tactic but defensive, behind the ball style has been used for the last two seasons with a lot of 1-0 wins. Let’s wait and see their style of play when the season opens.

Winning the league wont be much of a problem.

Manchester United
My favourite club. If Ferdinand on top form, the whole defence won't have any problems. And this season, if Heinze stays w the devils, they will be strong at the back. The much talk about departure of Nilsterooy means only one thing: find an equal replacement. Straight replacement. With only Saha and Rooney, United can’t rely on them for the whole season. Well of course there’s Solksjaer and Rossi but come on… you can't conquer Premiership let alone Europe w these lightweight players.

The midfield area which once upon a time was the best with the quartet of Beckham, Scholes, Keane and Giggs is now the most problematic area. Giggs and Scholes are still around but they’re in their 30s now. They have Park and Ronaldo on the wide side, but apart from that, they have been using Fletcher, Smith, O'shea and even Ferdinand and Giggs in midfield. That’s how desperate they were last season. Unless they buy at least two midfielders, and a striker, they gonna continue to struggle again this season.

My say: Carrick for 18.6 million pound?? Desperate acquisition but might work out for them as the midfield area being strenghten compared to last season.Agreed on they gonna continue to struggle.

No 3 at best.

Getting rid of Cisse and Morientes is a good start. And adding the proven goal scorer Bellamy will bring more firepower to the Reds. Crouch can't wait for the new season and start scoring so he can do more of his robot dance. Though many have doubts tht he'll score plenty of goals. Their defence has been consistent and Reina has done a superb job between the posts last season. In midfield the likes of Gerrard, Alonso and to certain extent Kewell and Garcia will do the job for the Reds again.

So far Benitez has delivered two Cups and based on the way they finished their season, they've learnt how to play and win consistently towards the end of the season. The major concern is that they did not score as many goals as their counterparts. And they lack top strikers. Gerrard was their top scorer in the league with ten goals.

It would be interesting to see Brazillians in Reds shirt. Fabio Aurellio n Paletta are the new inclusions and if things goes as planned, Liverpool gonna be up there top 3 again but very unlikely as champion. Again, they just lack that extra.

My say: Bellamy upfront and pennant, gonzalez and kewell fighting for the wide pos. would only benefit them as a team. Interesting to see how would kewell perform this season as in the last season, he did very well..perhaps for the world cup. So lets see how can he perform this season. On top form it would be hard to stop him.

Who need strikers when your midfield can score more goals? Although strikers lack the goals, Other parts of the pitch are full of player who had scored for them. Key weaknesses: Inconsistency. They need to start winning from the first game and maintaining it just to ensure Chelsea would not win it after Christmas.

No 2 is the most realistic target. However there is a possibility for them to be no 1.

At last they gonna play in their new Emirates Stadium starting this season. Already a great squad with a mixture of promising youths and experience players, Arsenal will have their young players with more experience than last year. They tipped Spurs for the final spot of Champions League and went all the way to the Champions League final. The young players gonna shine again this season and they bought Rosicky from Dortmund after the departure of Pires. After two major final disappointments back to back for Henry, he might bounce back with vengeance.

Interesting to note that last season, Arsenal played some fantastic football at Highbury. At home, they ripped apart premiership teams and they were the highest scoring team playing at home. Highbury’s pitch, the smallest in the premier league, gave Arsenal the advantage to play attacking football at home with their full backs most of the time occupying the each wing. But this year, they're not gonna play at Highbury anymore. Yes, it’s a great new stadium with 60,000 seats, but can they play the same type of football like they played at Highbury? And away from Highbury, their on the road record last season was actually worse than West Ham or Wigan….

No 2 at best.

Tottenham Hotspur
Neutral fans would agree that Spurs were unlucky towards the end of the season especially the food poisoning incident. They hold on to the fourth spot until tht game which means they will play in the UEFA cup this season. New signings like Zokora, Berbatov and Duff will give more European experience to the team. The young English players like Carrick, Jenas and Lennon will continue to be an important part of the team. It's not gonna be easy to break the domination of the Big Four, and if the want, they’ll have fight for it…the whole season.

My say: No duff eh in the first place. Duff is going to Newcastle. Strong team indeed. If only Martin Jol is still relevance or else they would become the usual Spurs, highly rated but nothing. Interesting to see how zokora would cope with the pace of Premier League. A very good player with a potential to be a world class player.

No 3 at best.

Momo vs Zokora, Ballack vs Gerrard, Makalele vs Zokora, Shevchenko vs Henry/ Rooney

Very interesting to watch who would be on top of each battle! Lets the game begin!! :)
Wednesday, January 04, 2006
Intact yet unbeaten

Present Liverpool team were unable to break the club's record in term of straights winning in Premiership. However Liverpool remains unbeatean with 10 straights winning and has been playing very well.Despite the fact that they have just got back from Japan which is 12000 km from UK, Liverpool were still able to produce good football.

Bolton away. A game that where Liverpool doesn't did very well since the very first minute of it. They look slow and tired. No flowing football as usual. My guess is because of the pitch condition. The pitch condition was very bad that it doesn't allow for good flowing football to be played on it. With physical tactic of Bolton it's just making it more worse for Liverpool. Pepe who have been keeping series of clean sheet gave them the first goal from set piece. In all honesty, i think Pepe should do better than that.

The man, the captain bursting into penalty area while O'Briens shown his naivety and that led to a penalty and the captain put it in the back of the net and Liverpool are now level. Then onwards Liverpool started to produce good attacking football until a counter attack ensure Bolton leads the way. Again Pepe should do better than that.

All the hard work was then paid off with Garcia scoring a beauty from a usual-accurate-kind-of-pass from Alonso. The match went level and Bolton had to defend their 1 point.

All in all it was a dull game in the first half with too many long ball being played but it was an entertainment in the 2nd half. However Diouf is a motherfucker-divers-bitch who cant even be touch or he will fall to the ground. What a cunt.

Oh btw here is some of the jerseys apparently made by Adidas for Liverpool. Im not sure whether this is true or not. But i would love to see Liverpool wears this kind of jersey especially the no 1. Whats yours? Would love to buy 1!!!

Kit 1
Kit 2
Kit 3
Tuesday, December 13, 2005
Lets not get carried away eh lads!

A happy man!

Its been quite some time since the last entry has been uploaded to this simple site of mine. A lot of things has happened recently and the workload is getiing sucks day to day as the company approaching its year end.

In terms of Liverpool, the fans are buzzing with the recent run of the team. 10 clean sheets in all competition, 6 straights premier league winning in a row. This has to be the best feelings i have ever felt for quite some time. Its been a long time since the last time Liverpool achieve this kind of run. If im not mistaken it was in 1985 that the Liverpool record of 10 clean sheets being made. And now the current team has equalled the record. Tremendous! Good Job!.

However, lets not get carried away with that eh!Being a liverpool fan, i know how high is the expectation of the fans towards the team. Fans always put a high hope, high expectation on the team that they should won every game,every cup available. The truth is i learned my lesson during Houllier era and that has teach me not to get carried away with recent run of form.Im happy with the run the team is experiencing at present but then again to expect them to win every game in all honesty is quite high eh. i know they are capable but dont get carried away so much eh.

During that Houllier era, Liverpool won treble in 2001. By 2002 the fans expect them to win the premiership title and every cup available. The season started very well indeed. Liverpool were unbeaten and 2nd in the league when they are facing Middlesbrough. The game was not that bright and entertaining. In fact it was a dull game when suddenly a long ball was put onto Liverpool penalty box and Dudek tried to catch it but fumble it to Boateng and he just push a weak shot to the goal and score for Middlesbrough. They won 1-0. The season then started to go wrong and Dudek started to fumble even more. Since then Liverpool has never recovered and luckily finishes fourth while it was supposed to be either no 1 or no 2. And its really frustrated many fans. There onwards Houllier's position has been questioned for.

It was only this time, fans can started to believe that their high expectation can be met. It is possible but just dont get carried away. I hope the players can focus and take the game one by one instead of looking further ahead.

Just like Hyppia said 'Lets concentrate on our own game'. Lets not bother about chasing Chelsea. They are not our biggest rival. In fact Liverpool biggest rival is themselves. Their inconsistency. However it seems that Benitez has able to cope with that and as long as they can overcome this problem we will be the premier league champion again and the long wait of its return will be over.

For now lets enjoy their run and lets hope that they will bring that World Club Championship trophy back to Anfield and make it 2 trophies won this season and still counting.

Friday, November 11, 2005
Liverpool have bounced back from the lost at Palace hands of which they have been knocked out from the competition. 3 straight wins and more consistent selection by Rafa Benitez proved to be the key. Rafa likes to rotate his players thus reducing the the possibility for them to understand each other game but with more consistent selection of players; bar the strikers of course; Liverpool is back on the right track again. Job well done.

Most fans have been complaining about Peter Crouch. I am one of them. Come on for God sake a striker was bought to score goals but unfortunately there is none from this tall guy. However after watching him turn the game against Villa where Liverpool were destined to another draw; i realized how valuable he is in the team. He provide another option for Benitez when the team need some changes and he is certainly difficult for defender to cope with; as he is so tall..and quite skilfull for a tall guy that he has a good control of the ball.Very unpredictable.The weaknesses however should be overcome with hardwork in training. He is not quite strong and not sharp enough.But as long as u r playing for Liverpool, the fans will always backk u up as what they did for him in many games by applausing his contribution.This can only do goods for his morale and im certain that once he has got the goal; he will score more. We will see.

The thing that impressed me the most about this guy is the way how other players are trying to play him a ball that would allow him to score goal.Especially in that Villa game.JC,SG,MO and many others have come to defend and praise him. Certainly they see something in this guy that common people like us who doesnt have access to the training ground can acknowledge that eh.This only shows how likeable is him to the team that surely will do good for the team. Weird as it may sound, but the same thing doesnt happen to Djibril Cisse. Is it because he likes to moan?i dont know.

Finally Selamat Hari Raya and Maaf Zahir dan Batin.
Wednesday, October 26, 2005
Another Yet Again?One more time bebeh?!!

Ya ya i know Liv lost to Crystal Palace 2-1 and were knocked out of English League Cup Competition. comment can be made available as i didnt watch the game. Definitely we are not GOOD ENOUGH. Thats why we lost. As simple as that.

Ive been tagged. So here we go...

7 things to do before I die
1.Seek forgiveness from everyone
2.To forget pain
3.Achieve all those ambitions
4.Make me family happy
5.Make her happy
6.STAR sekolah unggul semula?
7.Seorang Islam sempurna

Panjangla 7 cut short to 3

3 things I cannot do
1.Drink water more than 2 litre in one shot
2.Eat 3 hotdogs in one shot

3 things that attract me to the opposite sex

3 things I say most often

3 Celebrity crushes
1.Winona Ryder
2.Amy Mastura
3.Nora Danish

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